Learn to Control Anterior Pelvic Tilt with THIS Exercise

Many clients and athletes have some degree of anterior pelvic tilt (APT).

And while APT isn’t the awful disease or malady we once thought, the fact of the matter is if it goes unchecked, bad things tend to happen.

As such, as a trainer, coach or athlete, you need tools in the toolbox to help you control it.

One of my personal favorite exercises is the bench hamstring curl. In many ways it’s an entry-level exercise, but it’s fantastic for learning to “feel” the hamstrings, and working to get the pelvis back into a more neutral position.

Give this exercise a shot and let me know what you think of it!

Here are a few notes to get the most out of this exercise:

  • Think REACH and PEEL. Reach long with the arms to open up the upper back, and then think about peeling the pelvis and hips off the ground. If you do this right you should feel your hammies engage immediately.
  • Hold in a position where you have abs. This part is really important – pull yourself up as high as you can while still keeping your pelvis underneath you (i.e. your abs on). The second you start to drive with your back, you’re not getting what you want to out of the exercise.
  • OWN the top position. In that top position, think about keeping the hammies engaged, and when you exhale, try to reach and tuck the pelvis even more.

Whether it’s the standard variation or going one leg at a time, this is a powerful exercise to have in the toolbox. Enjoy!

All the best,

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