David Grey on Co-Contractions, Systemic Movement and Knee Health

David Grey was originally an athlete himself, but as he was playing in relatively higher-level sports, he was plagued with pain and injuries.

He followed the “traditional” model of rehabilitation, which included isolated stretching and strengthening, and soon found himself frustrated by the process.

David knew he had to take matters into his own hands, so he spent the next decade traveling the world to learn from the best minds in the industry.

David learned by doing, trying things, and putting insight together.

When he eventually started feeling good, David found that it was only natural for him to start helping other people.

As the CEO of David Grey Rehab, David helps a wide range of people who want to move and feel better, from the best high-level athletes in the world to the general population.

David joins me today to discuss his philosophy on the rehab process.

He reveals the two ways of making someone, or a tissue, stronger and explains why load tolerance is more than just managing volume.

David describes how he assesses knee health and how rehab professionals can improve the knee-related return-to-play process.

David also shares his advice for people who want to succeed in the rehab world and explains how coaches, trainers, and rehab professionals can create better social media content.


If you want to get someone pain-free for a long time, get them moving and make sure the foot can move well. Chase co-contractions early on and give them that sense of knee stability. – David Grey


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • David’s career arc and what got him excited about the world of physical preparation
  • His big rocks and overarching philosophy on the rehab process
  • David’s assessment process for people with knee pain
  • Load distribution and why the coordination between calf and hamstring often gets overlooked
  • The relationship between the brain, the nervous system, and flexibility issues
  • Systemic movement and the characteristics of a good pronation
  • The most common factors that lead to knee pain
  • What makes good movement
  • The value of old school body-building types of exercises, especially after trauma
  • David’s favorite exercises to build up clients and why he brings in running-specific drills early in the rehab process
  • The return-to-play process after knee injuries


Connect with David:


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