Erik Huddleston on The Life of a Serial Intern

Erik Huddleston is the Director of Performance at IFAST. Determined to become the high-level coach that he is today, Erik worked five Strength & Conditioning internship roles for private facilities and universities, including Texas Tech University and Indiana University.

Erik received his degree in Exercise Science from Ball State University and his Master’s in Exercise Science from the California University of Pennsylvania. As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Erik specializes in performance, rehabilitation, and reconditioning for his clients and athletes.

Erik joins me today to share how his experiences as an apprentice and intern shaped his career as a coach. He illustrates his college career and explains how an academic probation led him to change his major to Exercise Science.

He highlights the importance of continuing education and how it can impact your coaching career. And he also shares the most significant lessons he learned from his internships, as well as his advice for people who are just starting their performance coaching career.


Continuing education is never-ending in the industry. It’s what it takes to have any level of success in this field. – Erik Huddleston


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast: 

  • How Erik started in the world of sports, coaching, and physical preparation
  • How Erik’s experiences as a sports intern shaped his passion for coaching
  • The importance of continuing education for coaches
  • Why Erik decided to do five internships in succession
  • How Erik’s experiences as a Strength & Conditioning Intern taught him how to live as a coach
  • Erik’s advice for young coaches, interns, and people who are transitioning from mentee to mentor
  • Erik’s coaching career highlights (and top beard grooming tips!)


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