Exercise of the Week: Supine Face Pulls

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I know many of you out there are fans of the face pull, so here’s a cool variation that I think you’ll enjoy.

The supine face pull is performed in exactly the same fashion as the traditional version – thumbs up grip, pull towards your face/neck, etc.  The big difference here is that when you’re stable on a bench, you’re more stable – which means MORE WEIGHT!!!

A few notes:

–  The weight should be pulling your torso off the bench a bit.  This will allow you to protract/retract your scapulae.  Basically, you don’t want your scapulae to be “pinned” to the bench like when you’re bench pressing.

–  Expect to use anywhere from 10-20% more on this variation versus your standard face pull.

Next time you’re in the gym this variation a shot and see how it feels!

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  1. MR,
    2 Questions
    1) Would performing this variant of the face pull turn it into a viable option as a primary horizontal pulling movement (when compared to the standing version), or would you still be likely to place something like a seated row or chest-supported row before it?
    2) I've seen some perform standing face pulls either standing upright or from a higher pulley and slightly reclined……………would the high-pulley, slightly-reclined version be all that different in efefct from this supine version since the pulley orientation and gravity tend to make that variation more stable than the completely upright standing version?

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