Exercise of the Week: The Plate Squat

Plate Squats

In this edition of “Exercise of the Week,” we’re going to feature the plate squat.

The plate squat is an excellent teaching tool.  Not only does it cue people to extend through their upper back, but it also trains them to brace their entire core and not just over-arch their lower back.

Basic squatting rules apply:

– Chest up, back flat

– Sit back, knees out

We’ll often integrate a band around the knees as well.  This combo fixes a lot of the little flaws that people exhibit when they squat.

If you want more squatting info, be sure to check out my Articles.

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  1. Mike – how do you utilize the band technique (around the knees) to increase the benefit of this exercise, and under which circumstances do you find this the most beneficial?
    I've found the plate squat to be excellent in teaching to "brace" the core, especially at the low end of the squat, which as you said, is superb in helping individuals get away from the low back rounding!

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