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The Single-Leg Solution

This industry frustrates me some times.

Today, I’m going to talk about a very polarizing topic – fitness info products, and the marketing of fitness info products.

You see, over the past 2-3 months, I’ve watched numerous “launches” of fitness info products come and go.

Far too often, it’s the same thing:

–  Create an e-product (often of marginal quality).

–  Give a ridiculous affiliate commission so others will promote it to their lists.

–  Use the same, pre-canned marketing content to promote to everyone.

–  Make some cash, and move on.

Now don’t get me wrong – I use the Internet to build a business, too.  There’s no hate coming from my side whatsoever if you have a bigger list, do a better job of marketing your product, etc.

What I DO have a problem with, however, is when you create a shitty product and sell based solely on force-feeding your customers.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me in the past 2-3 months that they’ve bought the latest, greatest product, only to be thoroughly displeased with the product itself.

Some have even gotten products FOR FREE and thought about returning them because they were so bad!

Can you imagine that – a product you get FREE and you still don’t want to keep?

It’s frustrating.

Next week, I’m going to release my “Single-Leg Solution” DVD and manual.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not infallible.  Even though 1% or less of our customers return our products, we do get returns.

In the upcoming DVD, the shoot took almost 5 hours to complete.  That’s a lot of single-leg work!  As you can imagine, there’s a time or two where Lance loses his balance, or I might misspeak slightly on the audio.

Unfortunately, these aren’t always things we can go back and clean up.  But I hope you all also understand that just because there is always a minor glitch or two, the content that I put into my products is the best I can give you.  We’re not big-time Hollywood actors and producers – we’re real people giving you 110%.

In the manual, I did my best to cover the scientific research for (and against!) single-leg training.  I give you printed pictures and descriptions of all the exercises we covered in the DVD.  And perhaps most importantly, I give you some specific ideas as to how you can start implementing single-leg training into your programming to get results.

It’s not the same old, rehashed stuff put into a different format or layout. This is actual real-world content that I use with my clients and athletes every single-day in my gym.

And that’s another thing that frustrates me – so many people who create products nowadays aren’t even working with people!  How can you trust content from someone who has never really tested it out?

As you can see, I get frustrated because I am always trying to do the right thing.  High quality products with lots of usable, real-world information.  Fair pricing.  Marketing promotions that don’t insult the intelligence of my customer-base.

And most importantly, trying to build a long-term business model.  If I deliver a great product, you should want to buy from me again.  And while I don’t have the exact numbers on hand, I can tell you that many people who buy from us have purchased ALL (or most) of our products.

So that’s where I’m at on the topic. What are your guys’ thoughts on the topic?  I know this can get heated, so let’s try to keep it civil in the comments section below.

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  1. I'm mostly suspicious of fat-loss products, even from a handful of supposedly reputable people out there. While refinement of programs is bound to take place, if their previous program was such dynamite, why did they need to release new programs just a few shorts months later? Money grab, most likely! But then again, if people are willing to pay for it, I can't blame some for trying to get ahead.

  2. keep doing what your doing, and packing your products full of content, rather than releasing 200 different ones (pavel). dont make the mistake of allowing your products to become Ebooks or downloadable. the first thing that will happen is you will lose revenue because it will be on a torrent site in a week. even if someone downloads your stuff from a torrent, theyre not going to buy a hard copy of the next product, theyre just going to wait for the next free/stolen torrent.
    you can find pavel, cosgrove, all those guys on the torrents.

  3. Mike,
    You have always put out quality materials and information. I personally appreciate that you have not fallen into the category of those who are marching in lock step with the marketing gurus and burying us with pages of social proof, testimonials, and faux calls to action.
    I will be purchasing your product because I know I will learn something useful and I didn't have to go through the marketing guantlet to get there.
    Looking forward to your Single Training DVD.
    Ken Dobberpuhl

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