Geoff Girvitz on Programming and Coaching for the Gen Pop

Sports and athleticism used to feel like learning a second language to Geoff Girvitz, but he felt compelled to dig deeper into fitness.

Today, as a fitness coach, writer, and the Founder of Bang Personal Fitness, Geoff supports his clients in making fitness a part of their life by reducing the complexity and confusion around fitness and health concepts.

He is a staunch believer of human potential and ensures that he creates training programs that are enjoyable and meaningful for his clients.

Geoff joins me today to discuss creating fitness programs and coaching for the general population. He describes his journey into the fitness world and how he started his business, Bang Personal Training, his philosophy in training the general population, and why working out and fitness needs to be enjoyable.

Lastly, we discuss how the fitness industry has changed over the decade and shares his advice for people who want to start a fitness business.


In training the general population, we can explore any movement that makes their hearts sing—whatever makes them happy. Geoff Girvitz


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Geoff’s path into the world of physical preparation
  • How Geoff transitioned into coaching and opening his fitness facility
  • Geoff’s philosophy to physical fitness and training for the general population
  • The importance of enjoyment in training and working out
  • Bodyweight, barbell, and the basic toolkits of physical fitness for the general population
  • How Geoff writes a training program for general population clients
  • The impact of cultivating relationships between coaches and clients
  • The differences between training athletes and training general population clients
  • Why we need to bring a curious mindset into training
  • The state of physical fitness and human movement
  • The evolution of the fitness industry in the past decade
  • Geoff’s advice to people who want to start a fitness facility and how coaches can bring value to their clients in 2020
  • How being a fitness coach has helped Geoff be a better father
  • “Dad Strength” and Geoff’s other projects


Connect with Geoff:


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