Karen Smith on Reaching YOUR Strength Potential

Karen Smith has been a Strength Coach and Personal Trainer for over 20 years. Karen specializes in kettlebell and bodyweight training and is currently a Master Instructor for StrongFirst.

In the two decades of her career as a coach, Karen has trained students of all fitness levels, from beginners to US Special Forces. She has always led an active lifestyle and has been passionate about athleticism even as a child.

Today, Karen is driven by her mission to help people reach their highest strength potential by training smarter, not harder.

Karen joins me today to share her ideas on kettlebell workouts and bodyweight training. She illustrates how to train with kettlebells and describes how to address issues with it.

She underscores the importance of taking kettlebell certifications and dispels some of the biggest myths about kettlebell training.

And she also shares her advice on bodyweight training while in quarantine and how you can increase the intensity of your bodyweight workouts.


You don’t have to live in the gym to be as strong and fit as you want to be. – Karen Smith


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Karen’s background and how she started a gym, discovered kettlebells, and became an educator
  • Karen’s mission in life and training philosophy
  • What the Iron Maiden Challenge is and how to train for it
  • What Karen’s first pull-up taught her about programming
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions about kettlebell training
  • The importance of kettlebell certification
  • Kettlebell mistakes people make and how to correct them
  • Karen’s advice on doing the kettlebell swing
  • How Karen got into bodyweight training
  • Bodyweight training tips and the power of progressions
  • Menopause and how it affects women, their bodies, and their training
  • Karen’s career highlights, plans for continuing education, and advice to her younger self


Connect with Karen:


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