Ken Vick on Sharing, Speed Development, and Being a Radical Centrist

Although Ken Vick – President and High-Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance – loved sports in high school, he didn’t begin his career in coaching right away. Ken completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Sound Engineering & Acoustic Design.

It wasn’t until later, when his wife worked in the fitness industry, that Ken fell in love with coaching. He soon started his career in the world of physical preparation as a weightlifting coach and progressed from there.

Inspired to further his knowledge of athleticism, Ken eventually completed his graduate degree in Biomechanics at California State University, Long Beach.

Through his work, Ken endeavors to make the world a better place by helping one athlete, coach, and business at a time.

Ken joins me today to share his training philosophy and big rocks when it comes to developing speed.

He reveals the biggest failings of the sports & fitness industry and highlights the need for training pure speed and incorporating game-like activities into practice to maximize speed development.

He describes the role of the weight room in developing speed among athletes.

And he also highlights what it means to be a “radical centrist” and underscores the importance of language and communication in the world of physical preparation.


When working with athletes building speed, we need to bridge the gap between pure capability and perception.”- Ken Vick


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What led Ken to the world of physical preparation
  • His career path and how he pivoted from sound engineering & acoustic design to Olympic coaching
  • Ken’s coaching and training philosophy on speed development
  • The ITSS principle in coaching and training and Ken’s thoughts on motor control
  • The importance of language, communication, and teamwork in the world of sports
  • Acceleration at top-end speed and how to develop it with athletes who struggle with it
  • The number one thing parents are most concerned about when it comes to their young athletes’ development
  • Top-end speed and why it’s controversial among coaches and athletes
  • Developing max speed or velocity with athletes
  • Why younger players need to emphasize developing speed and stamina
  • The evolution of sports technology and its abuse
  • Bridging the gap between pure capability and perception
  • Playing duck, duck, goose with athletes and the importance of incorporating game-like activities in a well-rounded program
  • The role of strength training in speed development
  • The value of building a broad foundation of different strength types


Connect with Ken:


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