Matej Hocevar on Microdosing Info, KPI’s and World Travel


Matej Hocevar is a guy I often refer to as the World’s Most Interesting Man. Whether it’s speaking multiple languages, traveling the world, or simply his curiosity and zest for life, he’s a guy I feel honored to call a good friend.

Matej is also the owner of Vigor Move and Live in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is currently going back to school to get his Masters Degree at St. Mary’s.

In this show, Matej and I talk about how an environmental science major became a fitness business owner, why he’s a big believer in micro-dosing information with athletes, his KPI’s for soccer players, and why he uses a heuristic approach to improve decision making.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s show:

  • Shameless Plug: The 2018 Physical Preparation Summit
  • Show Intro
    • Father’s Day Weekend update
    • NBA Draft
    • New stuff coming to RTS
    • Hot Take/Monologue: Free vs. Paid Information on the Internet
  • Mark Tankosich Q&A
    • Should you adjust how you train when you get older?
    • Specific tactics and ideas to stay strong and fit into your 50’s and 60’s
  • Interview with Matej
    • How an environment science major ended up owning a fitness business and training athletes.
    • The biggest obstacles he faces when training his athletes (including their incredibly short off-season!)
    • Heuristics: What they are, and why you should consider using them with your clients/athletes.
    • The key performance indicators (KPI’s) that Matej uses with his soccer players to make sure they stay fit and on the pitch.
    • How his ability to speak multiple languages has impacted his ability to communicate with athletes, parents and agents.
    • The BIG Question.
    • Our always popular lightning round where we talk world travel (and his favorite destinations), the most impactful book he’s read in the past year, why he went back to get a Master’s Degree, and what’s next for Matej Hocevar.
  • Outro and Call to Action

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  1. Thanks for the information on older athletes. I am 67. I have found that I can handle intensity pretty good. Must keep volume and frequency low. I like what what you said about auto regulation. That is key. Thanks again for what you give us.

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