Matt Hauck on Sports Science and Load Management in Professional Soccer

Matt Hauck was once a high school athlete who was curious about how he can improve his performance. This thirst for knowledge drove him to become a collegiate athlete and began his career in sports science while he was studying.

Later, Matt graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Cum Laude at Western Oregon University, and a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Magna Cum Laude at Oregon State University.

Matt joins me today to share his insights on sports science and load management in professional soccer. He defines the meaning of sports science and illustrates the daily responsibilities of a sports science coordinator. He shares his insights on the future of sports science and underscores the importance of “invisible monitoring.” He also highlights the power of building relationships as a sports coordinator as well as explains why he emphasizes the ‘sports’ part of sports science.


Sports science is all about building relationships, great communication skills, and emotional awareness. It means showing that you care and you’re willing to sacrifice. – Matt Hauck


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What led Matt to the world of physical preparation and sports science
  • The responsibilities of a sports science coordinator
  • Why Matt emphasizes the ‘sports’ part of sports science
  • The importance of building relationships and having good communication skills as a sports science coordinator
  • What a sports science coordinator does during off-seasons
  • How much and how often professional soccer players lift
  • How Matt’s team prepares during the pre-season
  • The work involved in preparing, organizing, and planning an efficient practice
  • Matt’s insights on invisible monitoring and why he tries to minimize monitoring footprint
  • Matt’s definition of load management and why not every athlete is created equal
  • How load management in professional soccer is different from other sports
  • How technological advancements impact sports science
  • How universities are responding to the importance of sports science
  • Matt’s advice for people who want to build a career in sports science

Connect with Matt:

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