Michael Mullin on Breathwork, Models and Integrative Training

Michael Mullin is a clinically-based athletic trainer with over 27 years of experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation and performance training.  He is the owner of “Integrative Rehab Training LLC” which provides fitness rehab services, consulting and educational programming. He specializes in the treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals and groups and has worked with all levels of athletes.

In this show, Michael and I talk about why Breathwork is such a critical part of his programming, an overview of his model that spans both training and rehab, and why experiences – as well as failures – are so crucial to your development as a coach.

Show Outline

Here’s an overview of this week’s show:

  • Shameless Plug:
  • Show Intro:
    • Guys Weekend
    • First Day of School
    • Athlete Updates
    • MR’s Monologue: Putting the Ego Aside as a Coach
  • Interview with Michael:
    • How he got into the world of physical preparation.
    • Michael’s model that he’s using with his clients right now – from rehab to training.
    • Why breathwork is such a critical piece of his puzzle, and how he gets buy-in from people who aren’t interested in “doing breathing drills.”
    • The competencies he’s looking for as a coach when a client or athlete is training.
    • What motivates him to continue learning and educating himself.
    • His advice to someone who wants to get better, but struggles with continuing education.
    • The BIG question.
    • The always popular lightning round where we discuss Bill Hartman’s intensive, the books he’s reading right now, advice for being a better pro, and what’s next for Michael Mullin.

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