Building a Principles-Based Approach to Training with Michelle Boland

Dr. Michelle Boland is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and the owner of Michelle Boland Training.

Growing up in Massachusetts, Michelle’s expanding interests in athletics and sports led her to playing soccer and basketball at the collegiate level as she studied Nutrition.

Spurred further by her life passion for sports performance, she later completed a PhD in Exercise Physiology at Springfield College.

And today, Michelle is devoted to helping fitness professionals turn complex training concepts into real outcomes for their clients.

With several years of experience as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Director of Education, Michelle maintains her position as one of the fitness industry’s leading performance coaches.

Michelle joins me today to discuss what it means to have a principles-based approach to coaching and training.

She emphasizes how creating principles and values-based frameworks can enhance your program design process and the way you communicate with clients.

She shares the guiding principles that inform her training methods and explains how a coach can use principles as a tool for teaching.

And she describes the difference between working in the private and public sectors and highlights how fitness goes beyond the gym.


Program design is about choosing what variables we’re going to emphasize. Principles use them as teaching tools. – Michelle Boland


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • What it means to have a principles-based approach to training
  • The power of identifying what’s important to us, our athletes, and the sport
  • Discovering your guiding principles and value systems
  • Using mind-mapping and concept-mapping as tools in creating your value systems as a coach
  • Keeping up with the “content” Joneses and the value of taking the time to assimilate information
  • How having a set of principles enhances learning, continuing education, and the program design process
  • Using your training principles as a teaching method and communication tool
  • The foundations of the fitness industry and how it has evolved over time
  • How creating principles can get your training programs more buy-ins from clients
  • How Michelle’s principles inform her performance and coordination training
  • Why hard work isn’t just about brute force and outputs
  • The value of acknowledging that hard work is different for everybody in the gym
  • The difference between working in the public and private sector
  • The importance of balancing knowledge and experience


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