MR Radio Show: The Dream Job Thought Challenge, Lack of Experts, and the Value of Challenging Projects

In this week’s MR Radio Show, I cover a bunch of topics that have been bouncing around in my head for the past couple of weeks.

My apologies if it’s a bit random, but I think there are a couple sections in here that will interest everyone!

Show Outline

  1. Intro and Current Life Recap
  2. The Dream Job Thought Experiment (3:50)
  3. The RTS Annual Program (11:30)
  4. Why We’re Seeing Fewer Experts Than Ever Before (20:55)
  5. Why I’m Speaking Less and Staying Home More (29:10)
  6. The Value of Challenging Projects (35:50)
  7. Summary and Recap

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  1. Here’s what I’d always wanted to have extra to extend clients experience:
    – Have an area clients cold spend 15 to 30 minutes before and after the sessions to mobilize and organize their body.
    – for clients training for marathons triathlons ski season, spend 2 or more sessions every 2 to 4 weeks assessing movement quality. Adjust program to correct acquired/developed limitations. Clients pushing forward without correcting often get injured

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