MR Training Week 1 2011

I’m going to attempt to keep an online log of my training over the next couple of months. Not only will it keep me thinking about what I need to address, but I hope it will give you guys a peak into my training thoughts as well.

I can’t promise this every week, but I’ll do my best. Here goes!

Monday – Squat/Lower Body

Back Squats, 225×5, 255×5, 285×5

I was supposed to work up to an 8 RPE here, and honestly I should’ve either gotten some more volume at 285 or gone heavier.  First week in the block though so I’ll let it slide!

RDL’s, 135×5, 185×5, 22×5

My left groin/adductor had been bugging me as I’d switched some things around with my PRI set-up. It’s gradually healing, though, and continues to feel better and better.

Blocked 90/90 Split-Squats, 3×[email protected]#

Really dialed in the technique here and got a great stretch on my left TFL.  These are definitely improving. I’ll do a video on these in the future to demonstrate technique.

Glute-Ham Raise, 3×8 with 4 holes showing

Tried these with my feet flat on the plate versus plantarflexed – this made it a lot more challenging.

Ab Wheel, 3×10

Tuesday – Bench/Upper Body

Bench Press, 3×[email protected]

The goal was to stay at an RPE of 8 while maintaining perfect technique.  It was somewhat hit or miss as I was trying out a lot of different things – tight set-up, moved my fingers in a tad on the bar, and really tried to stay tucked when coming out of the bottom.

Set-up/hand-off was flawless.  I’ve never felt so stable.  And I hit a couple reps that just felt like butter. Once technique wavered even a smidge, I moved on.

Chest Supported Row vs. Mini-band, 3×[email protected]#

These are just silly – as if the Elite CSR isn’t bad enough, loading a mini-band to really increase tension at the top?

Humbled would be a good word here 🙂

I superset those with:

DB Bench, 2×[email protected], [email protected]

Really had no clue where to start here, but the last set of 8 was challenging.  I haven’t pressed dumbbells in like 1 or 2 years, though, so I expect this to go up.

Face Pulls, [email protected], 2×[email protected]

Offset Waiters Walks, 3 trips w/20 kg kettlebell

Thursday – Deadlift/Lower Body

Deadlift with Greens Bands, 3×405, 3×455, 3×475

Goal was to stay at an RPE of 8 and really focus on technique. I need to get my hips down more, and keep them underneath me when I initiate my pull. I also need to focus on pulling back into my legs, versus letting the bar drift.

Overall not too bad.

Paused Safety Bar Box Squats, 5×155, 185, 205

These are more of a deadlift assistance exercise than anything else.  Just got a feel for the weight and I’ll push it a bit more next week.

Goblet KB Lateral Lunges, 3×[email protected]

Working a bit more on hip strength/stability here.  These suck.

Ball Leg Curl, 3×8

Prone Jackknife on Ball, 3×8

Friday – Bench Assistance/Upper Body

I would normally hit this workout on a Saturday, but we were swamped and had several distance clients coming in, so I knocked it out Friday AM.

BB Floor Press, 5×135, 165, 185, 185

These absolutely suck. No leg drive, all upper body, no stretch-shortening cycle, ugh.

So yeah, basically these are exactly what I need. I hate you Jo Jordan!

(Just kidding man – I really love ya. Please don’t hurt me!)

Chins, 3×5

Scaptions, 3×8 w/10#’s

Prone Row to External Rotations, 2×8 w/2.5#’s

Tall Kneeling Pallof Press ISO, 3×15 s. w/20#

As you can tell this workout is considerably less taxing than the others. I just went back to 4 days per week, so I didn’t want to just crush myself all four days.

Body is feeling good and we’ll see what happens this week. Have a good one and train hard!




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  1. Hey Mike like that you are keeping use hip to what your training is like.
    Could you add in what your warm up is like or is that asking to much.

  2. Mike,

    Nice set up on your design of the program. How are your progressing from week to week? Is it based on percentages? I would love to see some video of the workouts. Thanks.

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