Physical Prep Podcast #100 – The Random Episode


Before I get into the show, let me start by simply saying “Thank You.”

I really didn’t know what to expect when I started the podcast back up, and I’m constantly in awe with regards to the outpouring of support I’ve received from all of you.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support – I love ya!

Episode Outline

Now here’s an overview of this week’s show:

  1. Episode #100 and “Renewing the Contract
  2. What the show has taught me about our industry
  3. Chris Sullivan Q&A – What’s one thing I’ve learned from chatting with all these amazing guests?
  4. Zach Rockford Q&A – What do you know now that you wish you know the first day/month year?
  5. Jordan Williams Q&A – How do I get started writing? And when can we expect a freestyle?
  6. Hunter Charneski Q&A – What Tips do you have for a First Time Public Speaker?
  7. Aspire to Be Great and Play a BIGGER Game

Again, thanks so much for your support and have a great weekend!

All the best


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