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Shane Rye is a Vice-President and Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance – Florida. Prior to joining the CSP team, he co-founded Athletic Development Performance, a Jupiter-based sports performance facility.

In this show, Shane and I talk a ton about lacrosse training – specifically, the qualities it takes to be successful, the mistakes he’s made training lacrosse players, and why we’re seeing such massive growth in the game.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this show:

  • How Shane got started in the world of physical preparation
  • An overview of lacrosse, and what specific skills or traits are necessary to be successful.
  • Why we’re seeing massive growth in the game of lacrosse across the United States.
  • If Shane could build the perfect lacrosse player, what skills or traits would he have?
  • His overarching training philosophy when it comes to developing young lacrosse players.
  • Conditioning is a huge component of lacrosse, so how does Shane go about developing the aerobic engine necessary to be successful? We discuss.
  • What the “strength” section looks like of his training programs, and areas you need to look at and address.
  • The advice Shane would give to a young coach who wants to get started training lacrosse players.
  • The BIG Question.
  • Our always engaging lightning round, where we discuss his partnership with Eric Cressey (and I dig for some dirt!), the books he’s reading right now, his favorite movie of all time, and the mixing of baseball and lacrosse culture at CSP.

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