Physical Preparation with Nick Winkelman


In this episode of the Physical Preparation Podcast I have Nick Winkelman from EXOS, formerly known as Athlete’s Performance. Nick is the head of the Combine Development program at EXOS, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D in coaching science

In this show, Nick and I cover his deeply rooted story for getting into physical preparation, how he prepares athletes for the NFL combine, and why coaching science is so critical for developing your athletes.

Show Notes

  • Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this episode:
  • What originally led Nick into the world of physical preparation.
  • How you got to EXOS, and eventually to heading up their Combine Prep program?
  • What the Combine Prep process really looks like at EXOS (this answer alone is worth your time!)
  • How they deal with injured athletes who are cmoing to train for the Combine
  • The biggest mistakes Nick sees with regards to speed training
  • What coaching science is, and how you can (and should!) be using it
  • The advice Nick would give his younger self
  • Our super popular lightning round!

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