Random BPA Launch Stuff

Bulletproof AthleteWell Bulletproof Athlete is out there and ready to be picked up, so hopefully you’ve grabbed your copy already!

Two quick notes as well:

First and foremost, I’m having a Tweetchat tonight from 8-9 pm EST. The hashtag is #BPAthlete, so I hope to answer any/all questions you have about the program there.

Second, here’s a bunch of content I’ve written up and filmed revolving around the launch. Hope you enjoy it!

Last Person in Your Fitness Business – Pat Rigsby

Busy Trainer Principles – Georgette Pann

5 Reasons Everyone Should Train Like an Athlete – Tony Gentilcore

Bulletproof Hamstrings (Video) – Joe Hashey

4 Training Steps You Skipped – Eric Cressey

Bulletproof Lower Back – Zach Even-Esh

Bulletproof Q&A with Mike Robertson – Dean Somerset

Should All Women Be Trained Like an Athlete? – Girls Gone Strong

I’ve got a sweet present coming for you tomorrow, so please stay tuned for that!

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  1. Hey Mike,

    You mention in BPA that you’ve setup a specific forum on your site for questions, the link doesn’t work though?

    • Les –

      The forum was repeatedly crashing the site, so we’ve quarantined it for now. I’m hoping to get it back up in the next couple of weeks though.

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!

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