Road to Redemption Week 1

And so it’s begun.

I’ve talked about it for quite some time, and I feel like there’s no more putting it off.

It’s time to get back on the platform.

Between my current training crew and last weekend’s Learn to Train Seminar, I’m ready to make the commitment and see how much I have left in the tank.

I last competed 6 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. I had a very minor knee surgery, moved to Indianapolis, started two businesses, and had a child.

So yeah, the past 6 years have been crazy!

I have a two possible meets picked out – one in October, the second in November. Neither are particularly close, but we’ll have to make due.

Before I get into my current training and log, a few random pieces of information:

  • My current body weight is around 185. This is pathetic! I need to figure out which weight class I want to lift in and make it happen. I can just hear some of the guys blasting me now for being this light, so I’m thinking I need to get serious about eating.
  • Regardless of body weight, my raw strength is currently on par with my best, except for the squat. Bench feels pretty darn good (although that isn’t saying much), and my deadlift feels fantastic. The squat, as always, will come with time and reps.
  • This first month is going to be an accumulation phase. I’m using RPE’s to determine how much volume I do on a day-to-day basis, with the goals being to add some muscle, strengthen connective tissue, and get my work capacity up.

So without any further ado, here’s how the current program is put together.

Monday – Accessory Bench

Fat Grip Chins, BWx5, +25 for 2×5

SWIS Bar Bench, 155 for 7×5 (RPE of 8), 60 s. rest, superset with

DB Rows, 75 for 7×5, 60 s. rest

Side note – the SWIS bar is horrible as it doesn’t allow me to flare. I sincerely hope this will help over the long haul!

Cable Low Trap Raise, 10 for 4×8, 60 s. rest

KB Swings, 10s:60s, 10 rounds

All in all a good workout. Glutes/hams were definitely stiff from the swings.

Tuesday – Squat

Med Ball Throws, 10s:60s, 10 rounds

Squats, 5×5 @ 225, 90 seconds rest

The weight felt light and the squats were very strong, but 90 seconds rest is just silly.

RDL’s, [email protected], 2×[email protected]

I’m dumb – I wasn’t supposed to do these until my Saturday workout but I didn’t look at my sheet 🙁

Glute-Ham Raises, 4×5 (Hole #3)

Ab Wheel Rollouts, 4×8

Fat Grip Tricep Pressdowns, 3×[email protected]

DB Curls, 3×[email protected]

This felt like a marathon workout. My glutes/hams were already sore, and I mowed the yard the night before. Needless to say, I slept great!

Thursday – Bench

Bench, 5×225, 2×[email protected]

First set felt HORRIBLE. I was starting to get sick and work-related stress was higher than normal. The last set felt a lot better.

EFS Chest Supported Rows, 8×70, 80, 85

I still hate this machine.

Dips, 4×8

Trying to get some more upper body mass, and do something that straight pressing all the time.

External Rotations on Knee, 3×[email protected]#’s

My ‘cuff was burning and was sore to the touch the next day. Awesome!

Battling Ropes, 8s:52s, 10 rounds

Didn’t get my fourth session in this week as I’ve been deathly sick, and I had to drive up to Niles, Michigan to present on Saturday. Should get all four in this week, though.



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