Ryan Patrick on Blending Movement and Training Savagery

Ryan Patrick is owner of Peak Fitness & Sports Training (aka PeakFAST) in Erlanger, Kentucky, which he opened 9 years ago. Ryan recently finished his Masters of Science from Colorado State University, and is a competitive powerlifting in the 90 kg division.

Ryan’s a guy I’ve known for close to a decade, and someone I have a ton of respect for. He’s just a hard working, genuine, salt of the Earth kind of guy.

In this show, Ryan and I discuss his overarching training philosophy – including how he blends movement quality with training savagery, why giving clients ownership is key to his success with everything from busy dads to young athletes, and how he’s using 90-day targets to spur success with his clients.


Give them what they want, in the context of what they need. – Ryan Patrick


Show Notes

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s show:

  • MR’s Monologue: Giving context in social media
  • How Ryan got started in the world of physical preparation.
  • The time he was living on his mom’s couch, but she was also his first paying client at his gym!
  • Ryan’s overarching thought process and philosophy when working with clients.
  • How he blends improving movement quality, while still letting people train like savages.
  • How he goes about laying out a program for a gen pop client vs. a young athlete.
  • The blind spots he’s found over the years when training gen pop clients, and what you can do to address them.
  • Ryan thoughts on how to better streamline and organize your life (this is coming from a guy with two businesses in the household, a wife, and 5 kids!)
  • The BIG Question
  • Our always popular lightning round where we talk professional success, favorite books, Ryan’s current training goals, and what’s next for him in life.


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