Scott Schutte and Dr. Janine Stichter on the Psychology of Fitness in 2020

Scott Schutte is an author, fitness and nutrition professional, and the co-founder of Evolved Personal Training. Scott is dedicated to making a holistic impact on his clients’ lives and has spent his career learning and working with leading experts in the health and fitness industry to support the optimal growth and development of his clients.

Dr. Janine Stichter is an educator and business coach. She has a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis and has authored over 90 peer-reviewed research books. Through her experience as a behaviorist – both as a clinician and researcher – Janine understands the factors necessary to create sustained change. In partnership with Scott, Janine is committed to educating coaches and trainers on the psychology of fitness.

Scott and Janine join me today to explore the psychology of fitness and its role in achieving health goals. They explain how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed clients’ attitudes towards health and fitness. They discuss why the fitness industry needs to offer services beyond nutrition and workout and highlight how today’s athletes go beyond their sports. They also explain how trainers and coaches can evolve themselves to support the physical and mental health development of their clients and help them achieve their fitness potential.


The modern athlete does a lot more than workouts and nutrition – they’re also focused on mind, body, and soul. The fitness industry needs to evolve along with these needs. – Janine Stichter


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Janine’s background in behavior analysis and how Scott defines his success in the fitness industry
  • What led Janine from behavioral science to the world of physical preparation
  • How Scott progressed from starting his career at a Gold’s Gym to co-founding a business
  • Why psychology is a big piece of the fitness puzzle and how they incorporate it in fitness training
  • How COVID-19 has impacted clients’ physical and mental health awareness
  • The ‘tabletop’ approach to fitness and the importance of mindset in health and fitness
  • Different ways to support your clients’ mindset over health and fitness
  • The power of building a strong team of coaches with diverse backgrounds to support a client’s or athlete’s training
  • How fitness coaches and trainers can improve themselves to help clients succeed with their goals
  • The value of connecting profoundly and understanding environmental factors that can affect clients
  • Why trainers need to take care of themselves more
  • Rate limiters and how to help clients articulate their needs


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