Scott Caulfield on the Wide-Ranging Journey of a Physical Prep Coach

If you’re passionate about helping people, coaching is one of the best careers you can have.

But Coach Scott Caulfield didn’t initially know he could make a full-time career in physical preparation.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Physical Education from Castleton University, Scott only coached at a local gym as a side-hustle.

Once he accepted a full-time role as a coach and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, though, his dedication to serve others led him from one opportunity to the next.

Scott worked as a strength and conditioning coach for public and private institutions, such as Dartmouth College, Norwich University, and the American Basketball Association.

He also served as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Coaching Program Manager for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, where he collaborated with professional athletic organizations such as the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

Today, Scott is the Director of Strength and Conditioning for Colorado College and leads Caulfield Strength, whose purpose is to educate, motivate, and inspire strength and conditioning coaches.

Scott joins me today to discuss his journey in the world of physical preparation – from his time in the Navy and working with the NSCA to becoming Colorado College’s Director of Strength and Conditioning.

Scott explains how he became involved with the NSCA and shares the projects he worked on while he was in the organization.

Scott also describes the difference and similarities between working in the public and private sector and explains why he decided to return to coaching after his stint with the NSCA.


Having people take me under their wing and show me the way made me feel like I owed the same to others. – Scott Caulfield


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Scott’s background and how he became involved with the NSCA
  • His time working in the public and private sectors and what he loved about each environment
  • What the schedule is like working in collegiate sports
  • The factors that encouraged Scott to be more involved with the NSCA
  • Scott’s successful coaching career and the goal he worked towards when he became the Director for the NSCA
  • How Scott strategized to re-engage strength coaches for the NSCA
  • How much time and energy it takes to organize a national conference
  • What prompted Scott to return to coaching for strength and conditioning after working in the NSCA
  • Getting the coaching DNA and how old Scott was when he started his career as a full-time coach
  • Working with the Paralympic Sled Hockey team and Scott’s favorite presenter


Connect with Scott:


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