Steffan Jones on Speed, Power and Stiffness in Cricket Bowling

Steffan Jones is a former professional fast bowler for Somerset, Northamptonshire, Kent, and Derbyshire County Cricket Clubs.

As a graduate of Sports Science at Loughborough University, Steffan has always been driven to take ownership of improving his physical capabilities. This led him to do his own research on human performance, coaching himself to be the best athlete he can be and even building a career upon his knowledge of human performance.

Today, Steffan is a mentor and coach who specializes in cricket bowling and is the mastermind behind the Pacelab, an academy for fast bowling.

Steffan joins me today to share his wisdom on building speed and power in cricket bowling, shares an overview of what cricket is and illustrates its similarities to baseball.

He describes the biomechanics involved in cricket and fast bowling, and reveals the traits a player must have to succeed in the sport.

And last but not least, we discuss how he evaluates his players for cricket bowling, how he designs training programs, and how he incorporates isometric training into his programs.


Speed wins sports. Part of speed is built in the gym, but not all of it. – Steffan Jones


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Steffan’s background and how he became interested in the world of physical preparation
  • Steffan’s career as an athlete, and transition into his role as a mentor and fast bowling coach
  • A brief overview of cricket’s rules and gameplay
  • The similarities and differences between cricket, baseball, and javelin throwing
  • The biomechanics of fast bowling in cricket and the reason Steffan doesn’t train his athletes in Olympic lifting
  • How Steffan evaluates his athletes
  • How backfoot mechanics have become a prevalent issue in the game and how strength development impacts coordination and speed
  • Why Steffan is a big fan of isometric training and how he uses it in his programs
  • How the skill stability model fits Steffan’s programming approach
  • Steffan’s advice for newer cricket coaches


Connect with Steffan Jones:


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