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The Myth of Neutral Spine

Neutral spine is a myth. Or at least, the way we currently have this concept burned into our brains is at least a little flawed. Let me explain… When you set someone up to squat or deadlift effectively, there is most definitely a “neutral” position you want them in. I believe this is the optimal […]

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Are You Full of Hot Air? (Video)

A common theme for many of our clients at IFAST is faulty diaphragmatic breathing patterns. Often, people are so caught up on how to get air in, they forget (or don’t realize) how important it is to effectively get air out!

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Testimonial from Jordan Dotson

Mike’s note: Today’s testimonial comes from one of my online clients, Jordan, who’s had fantastic success in getting out of some debilitating pain in the last three months. Enjoy! First, let me say that working with Mike has literally changed my life and health. I came to him as a last resort – my doctor […]

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