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REAL Turkish Get-ups

I had this amazing post all set-up for you guys today. But now? Well, it’s just not the same. In case you missed it last week, Bob Harper (the trainer from the Biggest Loser) threw up a video on YouTube about how to perform the Turkish Get-up “correctly.” The problem? His form was laughable.  I […]

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Thoughts on the Biggest Loser

I have a sad admission to make – I watch the Biggest Loser. Well, I should preface that statement; I sort of watch it. I DVR it, and then end up watching about 30 minutes of the total 2 hour show. I can’t tell you exactly why I do – maybe it’s because I work […]

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The Three Pillars

(Originally posted at So I’ve got an admission to make – I watch the Biggest Loser. It’s not so much for the heartwarming stories and pop psychology, though.  I watch it because I know my clients watch it.  And I want to know what’s going in to their minds regarding strength training, fat loss, […]

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