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Physical Preparation with Kevin Neeld

While I’m admittedly not the biggest hockey fan out there, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m obsessed with learning more about athletic development in all sports. Kevin Neeld is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ice hockey training, and someone that we can all definitely learn from. In today’s show we’re […]

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Hockey Training with Kevin Neeld

Kevin Neeld is a sharp guy, and someone that I’ve followed for several years now. Furthermore, hockey is a sport I know pretty much nothing about, but figure I’ll be watching it a lot this winter since there’s probably not going to be an NBA season! As such, I figured it was time to introduce […]

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Review: Off-Ice Hockey Training

Today, I’m going to review Kevin Neeld’s Off-Ice Performance Training Course.  While hockey definitely isn’t my forte, I figured I’d throw this out there since I’m not sure there’s a ton of hockey-specific products on the market, and several of my readers may be interested in it.  If nothing else, I can comment on what […]

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