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Developing YOUR Foundation

In architecture, we all know that a building is only as sound as the foundation it’s built upon. You could have the most beautiful building known to man, but if it was built upon a poor foundation, it’s always at risk. I would contend that this is true in almost every aspect of our lives, […]

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More Thoughts on Movement Quality

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog titled “The Concept of Movement Quality.”  There, I touched on a basic premise – it’s not just about moving more; it’s about moving better. This past weekend during our Bootcamp Bootcamp Q&A, several of us were discussing the topic even further.  It reminded me of a quote I […]

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The Concept of Movement Quality

One of the topics that I’m constantly harping on at IFAST is that of movement quality.  It’s a key component of everything we do, and a topic that I don’t hear discussed all that often within the fitness industry as a whole. It’s not how far you can move – it’s moving through the appropriate […]

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