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Mladen Jovanovic on Flexible Programming and Agile Periodization

Mladen Jovanovic is a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia. While he’s currently working on his Ph.D. research on velocity-based training, he’s held past positions at prestigious clubs like the Port Adelaide and the Aspire Academy. In this show, Mladen and I discuss how you can use load zones or rep zones to give the […]

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John Kiely on the Past, Present and Future of Periodization

John Kiely is a senior lecturer at the University of Lancashire, but he has worked extensively with athletes across numerous sports. And while his Ph.D. research currently focuses on the topic of coordination, he’s probably most well-known for his thoughts on the topic of periodization. In this show, John and I take a deep dive […]

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Periodization for the Everyday Athlete

If you’re over the age of 30, chances are you realize you can’t train like you used to. Back in the day, you could go four, five, or six days week for 90 minutes to two hours in the gym with no problem. But now, things are a bit different. You’ve got real, live sh*t to […]

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