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From Books To Barbells: Another Intern Aspiring to Survive in the World of Fitness

Books to Barbells

By Mike Reinhardt, IFAST Intern There are a few simple reasons that Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Performance (IFAST) has been named one of the top ten gyms in the nation. Over the years, they have created a welcoming, challenging, and accountable community for their members while simultaneously using their vast expertise to provide their clients […]

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What is Athleticism?

What is Athleticism

by Ty Terrell, IFAST Coach Who do you think of when you think “athletic”? Is it LeBron James? Russell Westbrook? What about a gymnast – is he/she athletic? And one more question: Who is more athletic – Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook? You said Westbrook didn’t you? I don’t blame you. But let’s define what […]

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