The BIG Coaching Q&A Episode

Career development, continuing education, and program design: These are three KEY areas in coaching.

But they could be a little overwhelming for everyone!

From side-hustlers who want to coach full-time, to coaches who want to take their program to the next level, people raise a lot of questions about these topics:

  • How do you design and improve a program?
  • How do you expand your knowledge base?
  • How do you even start a coaching career?

In this episode, I explain how reaching out and learning from a mentor can empower your career as a coach, and describe how building a client base can help you transition to coaching full-time.

I share areas of continuing education you can use to expand your knowledge base, such as program design and functional anatomy.

I illustrate how analyzing your development as a coach can help you plan and structure your continuing education.

And of course I share some mistakes, and discuss how my process in program design has changed over the years.

I think there’s a TON of great info in this episode, and I hope you enjoy it!


Having textbook knowledge doesn’t make you a coach. Experience is how you become a coach. – Mike Robertson


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • How to get started in coaching
  • Pivoting from coaching as a side-hustle to making it a full-time profession
  • The importance of finding and learning from a mentor
  • The role of continuing education and building a client base to pivot to a full-time coaching career
  • How to be a better communicator to make athletes and clients buy-in to your program
  • Strength and conditioning, program design, and other areas to learn in continuing your education
  • How to plan and structure your continuing education
  • The impact of analyzing your progress and weaknesses as a coach in approaching con-ed
  • My thought process in creating courses and the similarities between course creation and writing a fitness program
  • Focusing too much on technique and becoming too nit-picky with movement
  • How my program design process has evolved over the years and how I’m improving “smoothing the edges”
  • Expanding and adding more elements to your program


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