My Top 5 Fitness Apps


Ever since Al Gore invented the internet, technology has seen explosive growth.

And in recent years, one of the biggest areas of growth in our world comes in the form of “fitness apps.”

Whether it’s interval timers, apps to help improve sleep and recovery, or guided meditations, there are literally thousands fitness apps out there.

In an effort to help cut the wheat from the chaff, I wanted to share with you my 5 Favorite Fitness Apps.

As I was going through this, I wanted to make things easy on you.

And needless to say, some of these apps are NOT easy to find! (Such as the Tabata Timer Pro, which I did not see using a basic search in the App Store).

As such, I’ve not only given you the price with each app, but also a direct link in case you want to download a copy and check it out.

Okay enough from me – let’s get to the list!

#5 – Tabata Timer Pro

Price: $2.99

TabataProA few years back, finding a great interval timer was really difficult.

Sure, you could pick up a GymBoss, but I’ve never been enamored with them personally.

Furthermore, a lot of my athletes wanted a solution that gave them a longer warning before they started their next round of intervals.

Enter the Tabata Timer Pro.

I’ve used this app for years now, and it’s never let me down.

Tabata Timer Pro is great because it does the obvious stuff (like setting work:rest ratios), but it also allows you to program a “warning” bell before the set starts.

So instead of getting one or two beeps when it’s time to start, you can set 3-5 seconds of beeping to give you a longer notice before your set starts.

And an added bonus is the fact that you can have your own music playlists going in the background!

Whether it’s the cheap price, the functionality, or the music options, this is the only interval timing app I’ve ever needed.

Get the Tabata Timer

#4 – Headspace

Price: 10-Sessions Free; In-App Expansion Packs

HeadspaceLet’s be honest: We all know we should meditate.

The hardest part is actually getting it done!

Headspace is a nice little app if you’re ready to get serious about your meditating.

In your first 10 sessions, you’ll be introduced to “Andy,” who will help guide your meditation sessions.

(Random aside: Some people have found their “thing” in life. Andy is definitely one of them!)

The great thing about Headspace is that it only takes 10 minutes, a quiet room, and some headphones.

And when I write it like that, it makes me realize that I need to get serious about my own meditation!

Regardless, if you’ve wanted to try meditation but haven’t found something you’re comfortable with, give Headspace a shot.

The first 10 sessions are free, and honestly, you could just recycle those 10 sessions on and on and probably do fine.

And if after those 10 sessions you want to take it to the next level, there are tons of options available (including focused meditations for improving sleep, anxiety, relationships, etc.)

Get Some Headspace

#3 – Coach’s Eye

Price: $4.99

CoachEyeAs I’ve mentioned numerous times, one of my big foci in recent years is getting better at coaching the Olympic lifts, as well as speed and agility work.

I’m very comfortable coaching when things are slow and controlled, but it takes a keen eye to see fast movements in real time.

Enter Coach’s Eye.

Coach’s Eye is awesome because it allows you to record exercises on your phone and then play them back in frame-by-frame slow motion.

The great thing about recording lifts, sprints, jumps, etc., is not only can you improve your own coaching eye, but watching the videos with your athletes will spark some great conversations.

When you can break down their mechanics and show them exactly what they need to address, it will greatly speed up the learning process.

Quite simply if you coach explosive exercises, Coach’s Eye is a great app to have in your arsenal.

Get Coach’s Eye

#2 – BioForce

Price: Free Download, But Package is $194
(includes Bluetooth 4.0 chest strap, Ultimate Guide to HRV training, etc.)

BioforceOf all the apps on this list, BioForce HRV is the one I use the most.

BioForce HRV tracks your heart rate variability, which is an indicator of autonomic nervous system function and recovery.

You probably already know that every day you go in the gym, your body is different.

Some days you feel great, some days you feel sluggish, and others you want to go in the corner and suck  your thumb.

BioForce HRV helps you objectify how you feel, how your body is recovering, and helps you determine how hard you should train on any given day.

For instance if you’re on a deload week but your body feels great and your HRV is through the roof, doesn’t it make sense to train hard?

And on the flip side, if you’re supposed to work up to a heavy set of five on squats but your HRV is red and you feel like dog doo-doo, is today really the day you want to push it?

Last but not least, I know some people are put off by the price – after all, it’s definitely more expensive than your typical fitness app.

However, I think of this in two ways:

  1. How much better will your training sessions be if you’re doing the right thing every single day, versus guessing? And
  2. If you amortize the cost of this across the years you’ll probably use it, it’s a drop in the bucket.

The bottom line is I’m a huge fan of HRV, and BioForce is my app of choice.

Get Bioforce HRV

#1 – Sleep Pillow

Price: $2.99

sleepLet’s be honest: Sleep isn’t sexy.

And talking about sleep is kind of a snooze (pun intended).

But we also know that sleep is the cheapest and easiest thing we can do to expedite recovery, which is why I put Sleep Pillow as my #1 fitness app.

Personally, I like to focus not only on sleep quantity, but also sleep quality.

I don’t care if you’re sleep 10 hours per night, if it’s restless sleep, it’s not going to help!

I first started using a white noise machine in 2010 while going through the Russian Kettlebell Certification.

First off, I was incredibly sore every night.

And not just a little sore – like so sore I could barely get comfortable in bed sore.

But furthermore, the hotel that I stayed at was ridiculously loud, with people coming and going at all hours of the night.

So that white noise app made a huge impact on my sleep, and allowed me to get some much needed rest!

Look, if you’re serious about training, you need to be serious about recovery. And improving the quality of your sleep can be an absolute game changer.

If you haven’t before, give a white noise app like Sleep Pillow a shot for the next 20-30 days.

I guarantee you’ll notice a difference!

Get Sleep Pillow


So there you have it – my Top 5 Fitness Apps.

But while I think these apps are great, I’m always looking for new ways to keep my training, coaching and programming fresh.

What apps DO YOU like and use?

Leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

All the best


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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I use MyFitnessPal daily to keep my nutrition in check – its one of the few apps i use religiously. Going to check out that Tabata timer – i have a free timer that I’ve downloaded and enjoy but wonder if this might give me more flexibility. I use “Stop, Breathe, think” for mediation. Unfortunately I go in waves. Right now – its been a while since I’ve sat. I’ll make time….

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