How to Build Elite Olympic Weightlifters with Travis Mash

Travis Mash is the founder of Mash Elite Performance, a world-class training company responsible for coaching the most successful weightlifting team in America – Team Mash Elite.

Travis’ company also coaches and trains several NBA and NFL players, elite powerlifters, children and high school athletes as well as ‘Average Joes.’ He is a former World Champion and World Record Holder in powerlifting and has competed at the national level in Olympic weightlifting. Travis has spent many years studying and training, and is recognized as one of the few people in the fitness industry to blend the worlds of athletic strength and conditioning, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting.

Travis joins me today to share his insight on how to build outstanding elite Olympic weightlifters. He shares some of the biggest mistakes he sees from beginner and advanced Olympic lifters and tips on how to avoid them. And he also explains the difference in setup and performance between the snatch and the clean lifts, how he helps his clients overcome their fear of hook grips, and the secret for turning good athletes into elite weightlifters.

Even though we are asymmetrical in nature – the goal is to work toward symmetry because that is going to form a great athlete. – Travis Mash

This week on The Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • My perspective on creating a balance between your work, family, and fitness.
  • How Travis got started in Olympic weightlifting.
  • His philosophy for coaching Olympic weightlifters.
  • How he assesses new athletes interested in Olympic weightlifting.
  • The Power Positions he uses when coaching Olympic weightlifters.
  • How he teaches his clients to achieve a neutral spine while training.
  • The biggest challenges people face when they start to snatch.
  • The difference in set up and performance between the snatch and the clean lifts.
  • Why he prefers starting new Olympic weightlifters on the snatch lift.
  • How he coaches clients to overcome their fear and anxiety with hook grips.
  • How he achieves optimal performance with the jerk.
  • How much should you dip?
  • His philosophy on using squats to build the lifts.
  • Similarities and differences in the training programs he designs for beginners versus elite Olympic weightlifting athletes.
  • The length of a typical training session.
  • Where Olympic lifts fit into an athlete’s program.
  • His current career highlights.
  • Which sport is harder to compete in – powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting?

Travis Mash’s Life & Fitness Training Advice for Young Athletes:

  • Find a mentor early.

Connect with Travis Mash:

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