Videos to Watch – Week of 12.8.19

Well it’s another week, and we’ve got more videos for you to check out.

Let’s do this!

30- vs. 60-Minute Workouts

What changes when you only have 30-minute to get a workout in, versus a standard 60-minute training session?

And what do you have to think about or consider to ensure you’re still delivering a great workout?

Seizing the Training Day

When it comes to training, a key part of the process is learning to understand your body and how it feels on a day-to-day basis.

This is even more important as you get older, because sometimes things don’t go by the book!

Instead, you’ve got to learn to take advantage of those good days in the gym, and that’s what this video is all about…

Simple Self-Test to Assess Your Breathing

There’s lots of talk about “proper breathing” these days – but how do you know if you’re breathing well?

In this video, Bill does a great job of breaking down some simple self-tests to see if you’re inhaling adequately.

Simplifying Cervical Mechanics

Since my background isn’t necessarily in PT, cervical mechanics aren’t necessarily my jam.

That’s why I love simple stuff like this that helps me better understand cervical motion and how it works.

Power Output from the Inside-Out

Last but not least, this video is definitely going to get your brain buzzing about how power training works.

Is it as simple as throwing in some box jumps or medicine ball throws into your training?

Do you just need to work more on stiffness?

Or is there something more that we’re missing?


I know I speak for Bill when I say this, but I really enjoy shooting these videos – and I hope you’re enjoying watching them as well.

Thanks and have a great day!


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  1. Mike I was wondering if there are any examples of exercises that would improve internal power for a sport that has time constraints like ice hockey. I know Bill used Power Lifting which he says has a low time constraint, just wondering what the difference would be in the exercises and some examples.

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