What Hand Position is Best for Chest Supported Rows?

Back in the day, I used to LOVE doing some chest supported rows.

And while it’s obviously an effective exercise for building the mid-back, I often get one question time and time again when coaching it:

Which hand position is best?

In this short video, I describe to you the differences between a neutral and pronated grip, and which one I tend to choose for my clients and athletes!

Now that you’ve watched the video, here are a few notes on not only the ideal grip, but other set-up and performance cues as well:

  • Go PROnated. When you use a pronated grip on this exercise it’s easier to train the target area (i.e. mid-back/rhomboids). Furthermore, you’ll be less likely to overuse the lats and irritate the front side of your shoulder.
  • Bend the knees slightly. It may seem strange at first, but bending the knees even a little bit when you perform a chest supported row will not only take stress off the lower back, but help you hit the mid-back even harder.
  • Use a full and consistent range of motion (ROM). Often when people perform this exercise, they end up chopping the range of motion. At the bottom, think about allowing the shoulder blades to glide around the rib cage, and at the top, think about squeezing them back and together.

Give these tips a shot next time you’re in the gym – I think it will make a big difference on how your chest supported rows feel going forward!



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