5 Ways to Use Discomfort to Unlock Massive Growth

No one likes the idea of being forced to do something you’re just not good at.

It makes us feel uncomfortable, unconfident, and weak.

However, the road to optimal growth involves walking the road less traveled. It’s certainly easier said than done, and you can definitely make one too many mistakes if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So, how exactly do we use personal discomforts to become a better version of ourselves?

On today’s episode, I share 5 ways you can use discomfort to unlock massive growth. I describe how you can use weaknesses to take yourself to another level of not just fitness, but personal growth as well. I share stories of my personal struggles and how I taught myself to overcome them. I explain each of the five ways in detail, adding tips to make each step easier to manage. I also discuss how you can apply these steps to other facets of your life.


Acknowledging a weakness is one thing, but actually doing something about it is another. – Mike Robertson


This week on The Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Being clear on your goals for 2019 and how you should do it.
  • Using discomfort to release your full fitness potential.
  • What holds most of us back from achieving our goals.
  • Writing down your strengths and defining your weaknesses.
  • Facing your fears and addressing your weak points.
  • Why feedback from other people matters when it comes to growth.
  • Knowing the kind of criticism you respond optimally.
  • How surrounding yourself with better people can improve your life.
  • What ‘embracing the suck’ means and how it applies to progress.


Resources Mentioned:


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