Becky Rogers on the Science and Practice of Ultra-Endurance Racing

Becky Rogers is a an ultra-endurance athlete, microbiologist and mother of 4. Her list of accomplishments in the ultra world are too numerous to list here, but let’s just say 50 mile races might consist of a warm-up to her!

In this show, Becky and I talk about how a trained microbiologist became a hardcore ultra-endurance athlete and coach, what the training looks like to compete in events that are 100, 150 or even 240 miles long, how she uses nutrition and recovery to support her training, and how she recently ran the last 70 miles  a big race while dealing with a grade-2 quad strain.

Needless to say this is a fascinating episode, and I truly hope you enjoy listening to some of Becky’s stories!


Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s episode:

  • Show Intro:

  • Random Musing:
    • Make Email LESS of a Priority
  • Interview with Becky Rogers:
    • How a microbiologist became a strength and endurance coach.
    • What originally got Becky into ultra endurance races – some of which are 240 miles long!
    • Becky’s thoughts on how you start to build the endurance capacity necessary to do ultras.
    • The aspects in which powerlifting and endurance racing are more similar than not.
    • How Becky has adapted Joel Jamieson’s work to help her compete at an elite level.
    • Her current racing goals, and what an “average” training week looks like for her.
    • The role nutrition and recovery play in supporting her training, including her thoughts on fueling and hydration for big races and training sessions.
    • The BIG Question.
    • A really (and not so fast!) lightning round where we talk about Becky’s career highlight so far, what she’s thinking 150 miles into a race, things you would never consider when competing in ultra races, and the scariest moment she’s ever had in a race (this alone is worth the price of admission!)


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