Build Rotary Core Stability with the Pallof Press

As trainers and coaches, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to train our core.

But sometimes, it’s easy to fall back into our staple exercises – you know, the planks, bears, dead bugs, etc.

And while those exercises are fantastic, one big limitation is that they’re all very focused on the sagittal plane (think front-to-back of the body).

So if you want an awesome core training exercise that will be both fun and challenging, you need to try the Pallof Press!

Not only does the Pallof Press get you standing up (or at the very least in tall- or half-kneeling) but it’s also awesome for training the transverse plane as well.

Here’s a brief tutorial to get you started:


Once you’ve watched the video, here are a few notes to help you dial in and refine technique:

  • Soft knees. Remember the goal is always to stack the ribcage on top of the pelvis, and if you lock the knees out, this will often dump the pelvis forward. Keeping the knees soft will help ensure this stacking, and make sure you’re training your abdominals effectively.
  • REACH. Reaching long will help keep the thorax back, and again, help you stack the ribcage over the top of the pelvis.
  • Stay square. One issue that will crop up as you fatigue is you’ll start to rotate back towards the cable stack. Work to reach long and keep everything square throughout.

So if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to train your core, give the Pallof Press a shot next time you’re in the gym.

I think you’ll love it!

All the best,

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