Danny Mackey on Trial, Effect, and Coaching Runners

Danny Mackey is a former Hansons-Brooks runner, Olympic Trials qualifier and currently the Head Coach of the Brooks Beasts Track Club. The Brooks Beasts is a running team owned by one of the top clubs in the US dedicated to middle and long-distance runners. He has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, has experience working at Nike’s Sports Research Lab, and has coached Olympians and various collegiate athletes.

Danny joins me today to share his passion for running and coaching. He describes his thought process and how he manages to provide a unique approach with every athlete he trains. He explains what it means to incorporate trial & effect in your training and the difference in training techniques for middle-distance runners and long-distance runners. He also explains his exercise protocols when it comes to weight training, cardio, and conditioning.


It’s trial and effect, and sometimes you make mistakes. – Danny Mackey


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Danny’s professional background and the kind of clients he works with.
  • What led him to the world of physical preparation?
  • His definition of middle- and long-distance running.
  • Why middle-distance athletes train harder than other athletes.
  • His principles when teaching clients and how he helps them achieve their potential.
  • Preparing his athletes for competition and how they incorporate minimum effective doses.
  • Weightlifting protocols he uses for his clients.
  • Some of the problems he encounters in working with runners.
  • His criteria for following someone on Twitter.

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