Darcy Norman Reflects on His First Two Years with AS Roma Soccer Club

Darcy Norman is the Director of Performance for Serie A club AS Roma. Prior to his stint with the club, he’s also spent time at Bayern Munich, and won a world cup as the fitness coach for the German National team.

So yeah – in the soccer world, Darcy is a pretty big deal!

In this show, Darcy and I talk about the goals he had going into his time with AS Roma, how he’s evolved and grown as a coach during his time there, and the advice he would give to a coach who aspires to work in Europe.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s show:

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  • What Darcy has been up two for the past two years since we recorded our original episode.
  • The goals he had when going to AS Roma, and reflections on his success.
  • The goals he didn’t accomplish, and how he’d deal with those situations if they came up again.
  • What he’s learned over the past two years that have made him a better coach.
  • What Darcy feels has been the hardest part of his job over the past two years.
  • His greatest accomplishment during his time with AS Roma.
  • The advice Darcy would give to an American who wants to move to Europe to coach soccer.
  • What Darcy feels are the biggest cultural differences between the various places he’s worked (Italy, Germany, etc.)
  • And of course, the always engaging lightning round!

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