December 15th, 2009

Robertson Training Systems Newsletter 5.21

Fat Loss 2010

As 2009 draws to a close and we get ready to celebrate the New Year, the typical questions are coming my way.

Whether it’s posts on my Facebook wall, e-mails from people across the globe, or old friends that I cross paths with again, the biggest question at this time of year is:

How do I get back into shape and lose some of this weight?

I’m telling you, I can’t express how many times I’m out and about and someone asks me about weight or fat loss.  Whether you’re just studying for an exercise science degree or you’ve been in the industry for 25+ years, you know I’m right on this one.

The second people think you have any inkling of knowledge about fat or weight loss, prepare to be hounded with questions.

The problem so often is, these people don’t really want answers.  The want a caring ear.  They want someone to understand the pain and frustration they’re going through.

They don’t necessarily want an answer. Unfortunately, more times than not, an answer is probably the last thing they’re looking for.

In this day and age with the hustle and bustle, iPhone’s and Blackberry’s, or mom an dad both working full-time to make ends meet, many people just want someone to listen.

I get that, I really do.  And that’s why when people want to talk to me about fitness, regardless of what I think their motivation level is, I do my best to listen.

But there are some people who are serious about making a change.  They’re serious about improving their health, their life, and their self-confidence.

If you live in Indianapolis, I firmly believe that Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training is the premiere facility to help you lose weight and/or body fat.  If you’re committed to training and eating appropriately, there are no limits as to what you can accomplish.  I’ve seen it happen time and again with our clients.

But what if you don’t live here?

Fortunately, there are some great products out there that can help you be successful.  I’ve discussed several of them before, but for those of you who may not be familiar, I want to tell you about the two best fat loss products on the market today.

Warp Speed Fat Loss

Warp Speed Fat Loss was designed by Alwyn Cosgrove and Mike Roussell.  Mike is working on his PhD in Nutrition, while Alwyn runs one of the premiere fat loss and training facilities on the West Coast.  Quite simply, these guys know fat loss inside and out.

The beauty of this program is the simplicity – Mike and Alwyn give you the exact steps necessary to drop body fat and scale weight fast.  Your diet and training programs are mapped out for you from Day 1.

If you want an idea of how powerful the program is, I can use myself as an example:  Last year I used the Warp Speed Fat Loss diet only (I wrote my own training program) and lost 14 pounds in two weeks!

Needless to say, the program is powerful.  It’s not a lifestyle change, but if you need a kick-start to get you going when the New Year rolls around, you can’t find a better program on the market.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot

While many end-users enjoy Warp Speed Fat Loss for its simplicity, many of my readers are trainers, coaches, or very well informed fitness enthusiasts.

You don’t just want to know what works, you want to know the why’s and how’s as well.

If I just described you, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot is the fat loss program for you.

The beauty in this program is that it can really lead to long-term, lifestyle changes.  I know “lifestyle” is a buzzword these days, but how many people really follow through?

How many are content to drop 10 or 15 pounds to fit into a dress?  Or to look great for a reunion?

Leigh’s program gives you the information, and the tools, to be successful for a lifetime.  Regardless of what people want you to think, you have to balance training, intelligent eating, and a dose of common sense to achieve (and stay at) a healthy body fat level.

Despite what many would like you to believe, it’s not as simple as cutting out all carbs, or twice-a-day training.

Quality Product by Quality People

You want to know the most important factor behind my recommendations?

Not only do I like and trust these people as coaches, but I know first-hand that they get results.  Do a quick search on the Internet, or stop by their training facilities, and you’ll see that these coaches not only talk-the-talk, but walk-the-walk as well.

Bottom line – they get results.

Fat loss programs on the Internet are a dime a dozen.  The scary thing is, many of these so-called “coaches” or “trainers” do not work with any real people!  Their entire business model is wrapped around selling products on the Internet.

If you’re serious about losing weight, burning body fat, or at the very least helping your clients and athletes get into better shape, you owe it to yourself to pick up one of these products.

2010 is coming whether you like it or not.  It’s your choice as to whether it’s going to be your best year ever, or simply more of the same.

Good luck!



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