Build Stability, Mobility and Strength with the Half-Kneeling Shoulder Press

A while back, I was really struggling with my home workouts.

I love trying to sneak stuff in on my off-days, but the days of the home gym are long gone. Unfortunately, all my equipment has ended up at the various training spaces we work out of, so now I’m down to two kettlebells and a fan bike!

With the kettlebells, swings are almost always on the docket – but I wanted (aka NEEDED) to get some upper body work in as well.

Which lead me to one of my new favorite exercises…the half-kneeling kettlebell shoulder press!

Now the words “overhead pressing” may scare you, because some people may not be qualified to overhead press with a barbell.

But, I also don’t think that means all overhead pressing is out.

So if you want an exercise that will help improve your core stability, hip mobility, and get those shoulders feeling STRONG, you need to give this exercise a shot!

Once you watch the video, a few notes on performance:

  • Make sure your half-kneeling set-up is on point. I won’t bore you with all the details here, but I will drop a second video below that will make sure your performance is rock solid!
  • Control the press. This exercise isn’t meant to be done in a explosive fashion. Instead, slow things down and really work to own and control the movement.
  • Don’t spill your adult beverages! I’ll often tell my clients and athletes to imagine they have their favorite adult beverage resting on their head and knee. Their goal is to perform the entire set without spilling any of said beverage!

While this exercise may not be a staple like your squats, deadlifts or presses, it’s one I think you can definitely work into the rotation from time-to-time, especially when you’re in a pinch.

Give it a shot next time you’re in the gym, and let me know what you think!

All the best,

BTW – I didn’t forget that half-kneeling video – here you go!

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