IFAST Podcast #9 – The Evolution of Exercise Selection and Programming

As trainers and coaches, it’s only natural that you evolve over the years.

And one area where this can be really obvious is with regards to exercise selection!

In this show, Bill and I cover our humble beginnings as strength athletes, how that impacted our programming, and how things have evolved over our careers.

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s episode:

  • How Bill’s bodybuilding focus influenced his early-programs.
  • How my powerlifting training drove me towards focusing on the Big 3.
  • The instances in which we both started to shift and evolve how we wrote programs.
  • What Dan John and a 110-pound high school basketball player have in common.
  • Where we’re both at now with regards to our program design.
  • Final thoughts on big mistakes we see people making, and how YOU can avoid them.

We really hope you enjoy the show!

All the best,

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