Josh Bonhotal on the Future of Health & Wellness Training

Josh Bonhotal had to write a letter to his future self for his 3rd grade class.

Growing up in the era of Michael Jordan, Josh had dreamed of becoming a starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls.

Although he didn’t become point guard, Josh was already working as an intern for the Bulls by the time he opened the letter from his younger self; he even later became the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the team.

As the doors of opportunities continued to open for him, Josh went on to serve as Purdue University’s Director of Sports Performance for its men’s basketball team for seven years.

And today, Josh is Vice President of Performance for Future, a digital fitness & training start-up that aims to revolutionize health & wellness in the world.

Josh joins me today to discuss how he transitioned from his role at Purdue to his current post at Future, and shares what he misses about coaching athletes.

He illustrates the vision and goal of Future in improving preventive healthcare in the country – and in the world – by pairing clients with the best coach for them.

And finally he discusses the five values he uses in hiring people, explains what it means to hire for “culture add” instead of “culture fit,” and discusses the benefits of bringing the ideas of improv into a team.


The void that exists in our healthcare industry today is that everything is reactive. Nothing works because nothing pairs you with a coach. – Josh Bonhotal


This week on the Physical Preparation Podcast:

  • Josh’s background and his transition into a fitness technology start-up
  • What the Future app is all about and how it’s designed to help its users
  • The void that exists in healthcare and the vision that Future is trying to achieve
  • The rate of obesity and inactivity in the United States
  • The daily responsibilities of a Vice President for Performance at a digital fitness start-up and how his role has evolved over time
  • How Josh made key hires at Future at a time when the company didn’t even have a website
  • Determining what a good hire is, qualities to look for, and cultivating culture around coaches
  • The five values Josh hires for and the three types of people in the world
  • Bringing the world of improv into Future
  • The difference between hiring for “culture add” versus “culture fit”
  • What Josh misses about coaching and being around basketball players all the time
  • What basketball taught Josh about leading and building teams & cultures


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