Lachlan Wilmot on Preparation, Culture and the Art of Coaching

Lachlan Wilmot is in his second season as the Head of Athletic Performance for the Paramatta Eels of the National Rugby League. Prior to this assignment he spent time with the GWS Giants, AIS-AFL Academy and NSW/ACT AFL Academy.

In this show, Lachlan and I cover a ton of ground and discuss what it’s like to move up the food chain in the world of physical preparation. Whether it’s the value of hiring different personality types, why it’s important to stay open-minded with regards to your career, or his thoughts on dealing with adversity, there are all types of gems in this show.

But enough from me – let’s do this!

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s show:

  • Show Intro:
    • MR’s Weekly Update
    • RTS and IFAST Domination
    • MR’s Monologue: Thoughts on Sports, Failure and Losing
  • Q&A: 
    • Pre-season Achilles and ACL injuries in the NFL
  • Interview with Lachlan:
    • A quick updated on Lachlan, including what he’s been up to and what life is like in his new gig.
    • His thoughts on how you know if/when you’re ready to move from an assistant to head coaching position.
    • How to prepare yourself for the day when you move up the food chain.
    • This vision he had going into his first season, and the goals/measurables he wanted to keep tabs on.
    • The logistical issues he dealt with, including the one big thing he really wasn’t prepared for.
    • Lachlan’s goal for this year, and how he wants to continue building both his program and the culture of the Paramatta Eels.
    • If he could give a young physical preparation coach ONE PIECE of advice, what would it be?
    • A really fun lightning round where we talk about his most memorable experience of the past year, impactful books, speed exposure and hamstring injuries, getting engaged, and what’s next for Lachlan Wilmot.

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