Lee Taft on the Biggest Coaching Mistakes in Speed Training

Lee Taft is a speaker, consultant and coach for people across the globe who want to get  faster. Whether it’s working with high-level athletes, or taking a staff and helping them take their speed game to the next level, Lee is a guy that can help you get there in record time.

In this show, Lee and I talk about the new training elements he’s added into his programs, why he’s such a big proponent of using bands in speed development, and then we go on a deep dive to look at the mistakes coaches make when training speed development with athletes.

Whether you’re talking linear speed, deceleration, change of direction or anything in between, this show is chock full of great information.


Show Outline

Here’s an overview of what we covered in this week’s show:

  • Show Intro:
    • Complete Coach Certification
    • Seattle Trip
    • NBA players are off
    • Project World Domination at IFAST
    • Kiddo sportsing
  • Random Musing:
    • Aspire to Be Great
  • Interview with Lee Taft:
    • How Lee got started in the world of physical preparation.
    • Why spatial awareness is a big deal, and how he incorporates it into his programs.
    • Lee’s 180 series, and why it’s become a big part of his training.
    • Why he’s such a big proponent of band training, and how he uses it in his programs.
    • Our deep dive on coaching mistakes, where we cover these areas:
      • Linear acceleration,
      • Linear change of direction,
      • Lateral acceleration, and
      • Change of direction.
    • The ONE piece of advice Lee would like to give every young coach who wants to get better at coaching speed.
    • An awesome lightning round where we talk about his in-services and workshops, what he wishes team sports coaches knew about speed training, and what’s next for Lee Taft.


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