Matt Wan on His Mission to Change the Supplement Industry

Matt Wan is the Founder and CEO at Momentous, a sports nutrition startup on a mission to change the supplement industry.

Momentous is the first and only brand of its kind to collaborate directly with dietitians and strength coaches from all four Major Leagues, and after launching their first product line last year, they can already count more than 40 professional sports teams as customers.

Matt and I talk about why he wanted to start Momentous, the unique process him and his team went through to formulate the product line, and most importantly, his long-term goal with creating the company.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s show:

  • Show Intro:
  • Matt Wan Interview
    • Matt’s unique background and bio.
    • How he got involved in the world of sports nutrition.
    • What prompted him to start Momentous (and drop out of Harvard in the process)!
    • The hurdles he dealt with in getting the product line off the ground.
    • What makes Momentous different from the typical protein powder you’d get at GNC.
    • His massive vision for the brand going forward, and what keeps him going every single day to achieve that goal.
    • The advice Matt would give to a young trainer or coach who wants to start a business.
    • The BIG Question.
    • A really fun lightning round where we talk about the move from Cali to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, what it’s like having Rob Dyrdek as a co-founder, the books he’s reading right now, and what’s next for Matt Wan.

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