Mike Connelly on How to Build the “Anti-Corporate” Gym

Mike Connelly is a Chicago native with a penchant for finding the brighter side of life.  Perhaps most importantly, his key to success thus far in life is to not take himself too seriously and just keep swinging.

Mike is the owner of Rebell Strength and Conditioning, a consultant for an NHL team and along with Chris Merritt and Todd Bumgardener, he’s the third piece of the Strength Faction crew.

In this show, Mike and I talk about how he fell into the world of fitness, why he dubs Rebell as the anti-corporate gym, and what the struggles of training can teach you about life.

It takes us a few minutes to warm up here, but I promise, there’s a ton of great information in this show.

Show Outline

Here’s a brief overview of what we covered in this week’s episode:

  • MR Monologue: Don’t Be An *sshole
  • How working Saturday’s to get guys in shape was the start of Mike’s training career
  • Why he describes Rebell as the “Anti-Corporate” gym
  • His overarching philosophy, and why simple is so sexy to him
  • The clients he trains, and the struggles he deals with as a trainer and coach
  • The unique approach they take to their large group training sessions, and how he makes it work logistically
  • How Mike connects with his clients
  • What the struggles of training can teach us about life
  • The BIG Question
  • A fun lightning round where we talk about the Strength Faction crew, the books he’s checking out right now (which is a GREAT answer), his greatest accomplishment as a coach, and what’s next for Mike Connelly

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