Mike Irr on Winning an NBA Championship

Mike Irr recently completed his 2nd season with the Golden State Warriors as their Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. Overall, Mike has seven years of NBA experience, having previously served as Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Charlotte Bobcats from 2008-11 and as Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Chicago Bulls from 2006-08.

In this show, Mike and I talk about what it means to manage an athlete, the challenge of writing an in-season program for NBA athletes, and what it feels like to be an NBA Champion.

Show Outline

Here’s what we covered in this week’s show:

  • How Mike originally got started in the world of physical preparation.
  • His journey: From interning with the Bulls, to being a head strength coach at 23, to winning an NBA championship.
  • The big rocks that he subscribes to as a coach at the NBA level.
  • What his day-to-day life looks like, both during the off-season and in-season periods.
  • How he works with coaches in the private sector during the off-season, to help ensure that his athletes are getting the best treatment and care year-round.
  • The reality of writing an in-season program that spans nine months, with multiple games played each week.
  • Mike’s opinion on what it means to “manage” an athlete.
  • How his approach has evolved over the last year.
  • The BIG Question.
  • The always engaging lightning round, where we discuss Bill Hartman, the books he’s reading, thoughts on Kevin Durant and strength-training for athletes, and what it’s like being a dad.

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  1. Great conversation guys! It’s interesting how the challenges of joy, simple and time starts with kids and continues into the pros ; ]

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