Q&A: Can You Do Multiple High-Intensity Training Days in a Row?

After my recent video about putting together training weeks, I got a fantastic follow-up question:

Can you ever stack multiple high-intensity workouts back-to-back?

For instance, could you perform a high-intensity lower body day, and then the next day come in and hit uppers hard?

In this video, I breakdown 4 different lenses that you can look at this through.

As always the answer is “it depends,” but here are the factors you need to take into account so you can stay healthy and keep making progress!

I hope you enjoy the video and have a great day!



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  1. Hi Mike,
    How can you tell if someone is experiencing muscle fatigue or CNS fatigue? Beginner and experienced.
    Also, with the micro dosing would you continue to perform the lift in lighter dose after the one or two high intensity lift or give it complete rest?

    Thank, as always!

    • For CNS fatigue you’re going to see performance metrics go down – tap tests, lifting/performance test numbers, etc. (although sometimes even those aren’t sensitive enough to tell).

      If you’re micro-dosing I would tend to just do 1-2 reps of the main lift, and then move on to the other training elements for the day. Often you’re doing this as part of an abbreviated program, so EVERYTHING you do is short and quick in the weight room

  2. Thanks, Mike! Great explanation. I was not clear on if CNS was still affected the same even if The workout was split by upper and lower. I appreciate it.

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